Remington Hair Cutting Machine HC5810

Remington Hair Cutting Machine HC5810 Test

Hair trimmers are practical for those who do not want to go to the hairdresser or put on their own hands because of a light hair growth. The Remington HC5810 Test has noticed the professional cutting performance and the precise, consistent cutting length. With the hair cutter, head and beard hair can be cut and the hair trimmed in the intimate area.
The Remington HC5810 Genius hair cutter in detail
The hair cutter from the Remington Groom Professional series is available in silver and black. It comes in a stylish aluminium case and thus offers a practical storage option. The Genius hair cutter is supplied with a charging station for the battery. In addition, there are various styling tools such as scissors for re-cutting and the comb for final styling. Furthermore, the neck brush is for the final cleaning on the neck. The oil bottle completes the accessories so that the blades always cut reliably with a drop of oil. It is to be operated in mains and battery operation. The high-performance lithium battery offers 50 minutes of mobile trim time and only takes 90 minutes to fully charge. The exact LED status indicator of the HC5810 Genius currently informs about the charging status with green and red LEDs.
The blades are ceramic coated and self-sharpening. For 3-40 mm hair cutting lengths, ten different plug-in combs are provided. With these fixed plug-in combs, a wide range of styling as well as the different hair cutting lengths can be made possible. The precision length adjustment is carried out with the blade adjustment wheel. This allows precise cutting of the hair in the lengths of 0.8-2 mm.
With 227g and its non-slip handle, it is light and comfortable to use.
The manufacturer gives three years of garanie with one year extension on online registration. On the engine of the hair cutter are ten years warranty.
Conclusion on the Remington hair cutting machine HC5810 test
The Remington HC5810 offers precise, professional cutting performance. Thanks to the self-sharpening blades, the Remington presents a permanent sharpness that leads to precise cutting results. It shows outstanding performance characteristics. In doing so, it meets the highest quality requirements that you usually find at the hairdresser. With his innovative technology, Mann gets a professional styling product home.
Remington hair cutting machine HC5810A blade adjustment wheel and ten inserting combs ensure exact length settings.


Remington Haarschneidemaschine HC5810 (selbstschärfende Keramikklingen, 10 Aufsteckkämme + Präzisionslängeneinstellung, Netz-/Akkubetrieb, Lithium, Profi-Alukoffer) Haarschneider, Haartrimmer

The lithium-powered high-performance battery guarantees 40 minutes of freedom of movement with a very short charging time of only 90 minutes. Thanks to the precise LED status display on the HC5810 Genius, you are always informed about the state of charge of the battery.
The extensive equipment includes a stylish aluminum case, a charging station and various styling tools. Partnerprogramm

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